Why is a dog eating the plate from a baby?

A family is trying to figure out why a dog has been eating their toddler’s plate and says it’s probably to mark a milestone.

Key points:A dog had been eating the toddler’s food for two weeksIt’s the first time a dog was seen eating from a toddler’s bowlThe dog was spotted eating from the plate in a park in Melbourne’s south-east”The dog’s behaviour is unusual for a dog that’s never been seen eating anything from a child’s plate before,” the owner of the dog’s owner told ABC’s RN Breakfast.

“We’ve had no previous incidents with a dog going in and eating the child’s food.”

The owner of an elderly woman who has a pet dog told the ABC her pet dog has a special relationship with children and is seen feeding from their plates often.

The woman, who only wanted to be identified as Ms M, said she has never seen the dog eat from a plate before.

“She doesn’t know if she’s allowed to eat from the child, and it’s a little bit of a shock to see her feeding from that child’s dish, so we’re all very surprised,” she said.

“It’s probably just to mark something that has been in the child for a while.”

Ms M said she was not sure how the dog had managed to get into the plate and she is concerned the child will experience food poisoning.

“He could have easily slipped through the cracks and got into the plates,” she told RN Breakfast on Wednesday.

“I’m worried the child might get sick because he’s never had any food poisoning before.”

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