Watch: The best and worst of the Week 16 college football games

The first week of the College Football Playoff saw the biggest college football weekend of the year, and the biggest games in the league had more fans than ever before. 

The Big Ten played its final home game of the season against the Big 12, and Oklahoma State defeated TCU in its season opener. 

It was a huge week for the rest of the league, as Ohio State and Clemson, who both lost their final games of the regular season, both won their games in Week 17. 

Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, Penn State, Florida State and Penn State State all played at least 10 games this season. 

There are some great games this week in college football, and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that there are plenty of big games that could have been in the top three or four games in most of the other conferences. 

Here’s what the best and the worst of Week 16’s college football came down to. 

In the Big Ten, the Wolverines beat Penn State. 

This was a perfect match-up for Michigan’s offense and the Buckeyes’ defense. 

For Ohio State, it was the first win over Penn State since November, so the Buckeye defense could use some help. 

Penn State, who is ranked No. 3, was one of the worst teams in the country in Week 16. 

They struggled to get into the end zone, allowing an average of just 17.4 points per game. 

If you can find a way to get in the endzone, that’s pretty good. 

Michigan is one of those teams that has to be the best team in the conference. 

Its offense is a threat, and it can score on anyone. 

But the Buckees offense was unable to produce any big plays in the final two games, and that has them on a bye in Week 18. 

So, Ohio State could take a win and play in the Big House against Michigan. 

That’s what they were hoping for. 

As for the other two teams, Wisconsin, which was ranked No, and Northwestern, which is ranked #4, are two teams that have some serious talent. 

Wisconsin had a great game against Northwestern, and Wisconsin can be a threat in the air. 

Northwestern had a big game against Penn State and they are in a position to win the Big 10 Championship, which would give them a great chance to go to the Big Dance. 

And, while Northwestern may not be the biggest surprise in the tournament, it is one that could be a factor. 

When it comes to the ACC, Clemson was the team that dominated the league. 

Clemson played in its second straight College Football Bowl championship game, and this time it came down in the Orange Bowl against Duke. 

I’m not sure why Clemson beat Duke, but they did, and Clemson is going to be a tough opponent for Duke to beat. 

Duke was one game away from playing for the national title, and I’m not counting Duke out of the ACC. 

After beating Clemson, Duke went on to lose to Notre Dame, which upset Notre Dame in the ACC Championship Game. 

While Duke didn’t play a very good game against Notre Dame this year, it’s hard to argue with a win over the Irish. 

With Notre Dame coming to town, the Orange is always going to have a lot of home games. 

Miami (Fla.) was one team that was able to beat Florida State in Week 12. 

Both teams played great defense, and Miami is going into the bye with a chance to win it all. 

Florida State lost to Virginia Tech in Week 13, and Virginia Tech was the top ranked team in ACC play at the time. 

However, Miami has a chance at a big win, as it will be playing Clemson in Week 14. 

We’ll see how the ACC holds up when the teams play in Week 15, but the ACC is in very good shape for a potential national title game.

There were a lot more surprises in the rest in the Pac-12. 

Utah State beat Oregon State, the No. 1 ranked team. 

Oregon State won the Pac 12 Championship game, which gave the Beavers a nice edge in the standings. 

Also, Washington State beat Stanford, which won the Stanford-Washington State game, the Pac 10 Championship game.

Stanford won the NCAA Tournament and the Pac 15, which means the Cardinal has a shot at a national title. 

Washington State beat BYU in Week 11, and while Washington State didn’t have a great day against BYU, they could still have a big night against BYU. 

BYU was one the teams that really stood out in Week 10. 

Baylor was the No-1 ranked team on the week, and they played in the Chick-fil-A Bowl against No. 9 Stanford. 

Stanford beat Stanford in Week 9, and Stanford will be looking for a big performance