Rathdown restaurant shuts down after six months

Rathdown has closed after six and a half months in business.

The owners of the restaurant, which was popular with tourists and locals alike, have now closed their doors for good.

The owner, John Byrne, told the RTE news channel that he and his family have made the difficult decision to close the restaurant and return to their roots in the village.

“We have had to make difficult decisions as the business is very much a family affair,” he said.

The restaurant’s final meal was an Irish style dinner.”

I hope that they will enjoy the many new opportunities that the city offers.”

The restaurant’s final meal was an Irish style dinner.

The Rathdown Hotel in the heart of the city is the last place in the city where tourists can find the Rathdown Restaurant.

The former Irish Embassy, which now houses a new hotel, will serve as the new Rathdown Cafe, which will be open from March.

Mr Byrne told the Irish Independent that his family are not planning to reopen any other restaurants, but that they would be open for business.

“The Rathdowns will always be a place of choice for people from around the world and we are committed to our local community,” he added.