How the New Orleans police use license plates to track cars

The Louisiana Police Department has a few license plates that can be used to track people who are driving on city streets.

The first one, “LAX” is for “Laughing At Lax,” and it’s used by several law enforcement agencies around the state, including the New York Police Department.

Another is “LAZY” for “Just the Other Side,” which was created by a group of young people in New Orleans in the early 2000s.

The third one is “LAWLESS” for the state lawless code, which is used by the New Orleanians police department to track and apprehend people who break the law.

But while those plates are all useful, the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) doesn’t really want to use them.

So the agency has taken matters into its own hands and created an app that tracks the license plates of any car in the state.

In a statement, the DMV said that its goal is to improve safety and reduce traffic fatalities.

It says that since it started the project, it has learned a lot about the public’s response to the state’s new law and has been working with law enforcement departments to make the process even more effective.

So far, it’s found that the public is generally in favor of this app, according to DMV spokesman Aaron Broussard.

The DMV says it has had over 1.6 million applications for license plate readers, and it plans to install 500 of them in the next year.

It’s still early days in the project and it hasn’t yet been approved by the state legislature.

But for now, it will work well enough to keep tabs on cars, and the agency hopes to eventually add license plates for cars that aren’t currently registered.