How to license plate holders in Louisiana license plate stands

Louisiana license plates are not for sale.

That’s a fact.

The plates can only be issued to licensed drivers, not to tourists or visitors.

There are no plates for sale, but you can find them by visiting a Louisiana license-plate-stand.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation, which issues the plates, doesn’t want the plates for tourist use.

That means they are for people who have permission to drive.

The only exception is a limited number of Louisiana drivers who are allowed to drive for recreation purposes.

So when the department sees a driver with a Louisiana plate, it checks their driving record.

It looks for a citation.

If the driver is in violation, the plate is taken off the vehicle and given to the police department.

You’ll need to have your license plate on your person at all times, but not for commercial purposes.

But if the license plate holder’s vehicle has been inspected by a police officer, it can be taken off as well.

That happens every year.

The department says if you’ve had a plate issued, it’s not an issue of someone stealing it, but it is a violation.

“That is an offence,” said DART spokeswoman Cara Williams.

“So you will be subject to arrest and citation, whether it’s for a violation or not.”

The plates are issued to drivers who live in Louisiana, but the Department of Motor Vehicles says anyone can obtain a plate.

If you live outside the state, you can also obtain a Louisiana driver license.

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For questions, contact your local police department or contact Louisiana’s Department of Licensing.