Washington’s license plate plate carrier to make $5.5 million sale to Boston firm

Washington state has a new plate carrier and the company that makes it expects to make at least $5 million in revenue as it makes its deal with Boston’s plate carrier company.

Washington State License Plate Company, which is owned by the state, will sell the plate carrier rights to Boston-based Plata Coloidal.

The license plate carrier is the nameplate for the state and is used to register vehicles.

The company’s revenue in the state is expected to rise from $567,000 in the first quarter of this year to $600,000, said John Jervis, Plata’s chief operating officer.

Plata Coloid is not part of the Washington State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) licensing system.

It is owned and operated by a separate company called Plata Commune.

Plata said it plans to make about $100 million in revenues in Washington State this year and will use that money to expand its business in other states, which could include California, New Jersey and Illinois.

Plate carrier is an option for many states.

Plate carriers are used by the federal government to register and issue identification cards, including the U.S. passport.

Platoons are a common form of identification in the U,S.

and elsewhere.

The plate carrier has been used for decades, especially in the United Kingdom and Germany, to identify vehicles and to ensure that a person does not travel with counterfeit or stolen documents.