How to spot an untraceable license plate in Virginia

The name on the plate is a little hard to decipher.

It’s spelled with a “V.”

The plate is also on a Virginia highway.

It may not look like much, but it could be a clue to someone’s identity.

It could also be a way for a criminal to keep tabs on drivers.

But if you find a plate like this on a highway in Virginia, you might want to take a closer look.

The plate is on a Virginian highway.

This is what you’d expect to find if you were looking for a stolen car.

But you’d also be surprised to find that a stolen vehicle is actually a stolen license plate.

The car was found on Tuesday afternoon by a man who called 911 and was told to come get it.

He got the plate, but he didn’t know where it was registered.

The vehicle was found in the rural town of Fort Bragg, Va., near the border with North Carolina.

That means it was stolen within the past 24 hours.

The Virginia DMV says it’s possible the plate was stolen on the road to North Carolina, but the agency has no information about where the plate came from.

The DMV says the plate may be from a vehicle that was towed to Fort Brags from a local business.

The driver of the car was able to identify himself by using a GPS tracking device.

He told police he didn, however, think it was the real car, the DMV says.