How to get your license plate plates plated to look like yours

By Mike SloneA few years ago, the state of Kansas became the first state to adopt plate design guidelines that were widely adopted across the country.

The plates were supposed to look good and not distract drivers from the fact they were plate stickers.

It was a simple design that fit in with the state’s reputation for being a place where you don’t get lost.

But the plates quickly became a sore spot for drivers who don’t like the look of their plates, and in recent years, some of the state license plate designs have gone the way of the Dodo, as the state began phasing them out entirely.

Now, Kansas is moving forward with a new design that is being phased out in favor of a new approach.

The new plates are plated in a matte gray with a white and silver “K” on the top, and the plates are meant to look more like a license plate, according to the Kansas Department of Revenue.

While some plates will still have the red-and-black stripes of the old plates, others will have the white-and–blue stripes of a state logo.

The first license plate to go out will be a black-and‑white design, which has a state emblem on it.

The department has posted instructions on its website on how to apply for a new license plate.

If you’ve never applied for a Kansas license plate before, it’s a good idea to do so right away, the department says.

You’ll have to wait at least two years to get a new plate, but it will be free.

If you want to keep your old license plate for future use, you’ll need to pay $40 for a plate, or you can keep your current license plate and apply for another one that’s still in good condition.