New Iowa license plate lets you drive with a big smile

iowa licensing plate is now a way to show you are a proud Iowa Hawkeye and a proud state. 

The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) has issued a new license plate that will let people in the state take pride in the way they live and drive. 

According to IDOT, this plate has the word Iowa on the side, so it will be a reminder that Iowa is a state that will never be taken for granted. 

IOWA, NEW LICENSE PLATE IS NOW A WAY TO SHOW YOU ARE A TRULY EXCELLENT STATE  Iowa Department of Revenue Commissioner Brian Sallen said in a statement that Iowa has always been a state of pride and tradition, and this new license is part of that.

“The new Iowa license is a way for everyone to show their appreciation for Iowa’s history, history, and tradition,” Sallens said. 

This new Iowa plate is currently on sale through the Iowa Department for Revenue website and can be picked up at the Iowa State Fairgrounds from November 2 through March 9. 

Read more about the new Iowa design here.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said in an interview with The Des Moines Register that he wanted to see a new Iowa-themed license plate. 

“I want to see more of Iowa and more of the state of Iowa, and the Iowa logo on it,” Branstad told the newspaper. 

In addition to the new license, Branstad announced a new $200,000 scholarship fund to help Iowa students prepare for college.

This new license plates will be available to the public beginning November 2.