How to apply for a Washington license plate battle backplate

The city is considering a new way to help protect people from theft.

A new state law would require all Washington plates to have battle back plates, which would help to protect people in other states from stolen plates.

The law, which passed the state House in February and the Senate last month, requires a plate to have a battle back and an eagle design, according to The Associated Press.

The plates would have to be of a type that is clearly identifiable as a battle plate, but that would be easier to recognize in the case of stolen plates, according the AP.

In Washington, plates would also be required to have “a battle back” and “a shield and star” on the front.

This plate, which was created in the late 1970s, has a shield and a star on the back.

If someone steals your plate, they can’t take it back.

They can’t change the plate, and they can never change the design of the plate.

It’s just not fair, the Washington Legislature says in the new law.

The bill passed the Senate on Tuesday and is expected to be approved in the House.

Supporters say it would be more efficient and secure for Washington police to track down people who are committing crimes on stolen plates and that it would give police greater confidence in the ability to protect against criminals using stolen plates in Washington.

The Washington State Patrol is expected soon to unveil a new “smart license plate” system.

It will include an electronic chip that would make the plates more difficult to counterfeit, the AP reports.

The battle back would be a reminder that the state has lost a great deal of value, said Mike DeFilippis, executive director of the Washington State Motorists Association.

Even though Washington has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from plate seizures, the plates remain in circulation, he said.

“It’s like the price of the gold in the United States is still the same today,” DeFiliationis said.

“It’s not going up.”