The ceramic plates that keep your iPhone from falling into a coma

It seems like there are so many problems with Apple’s new Apple Watch, but there’s one problem that has people really concerned: it could possibly cause your iPhone to freeze and crash.

That’s according to a new study from University of Illinois at Chicago researchers.

The study found that the ceramic plates in Apple’s watch were a potential cause of iPhone freezing and crashed, and they could also potentially lead to a serious health issue.

It’s not yet clear what causes the problem, but Apple’s Watch is a smartwatch that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and has a built-in camera.

The device can detect if a user is holding your phone, but the researchers say that’s a problem if your iPhone falls asleep or gets lost.

Apple says the new ceramic plates are made with an extremely high level of thermal conductivity, meaning that they absorb heat very well.

They also have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means that they don’t absorb any heat.

That means that when your iPhone hits a ceramic plate, it’s less likely to melt and cause a crash.

Apple’s statement on the study reads: The ceramic plate has been tested on multiple devices and it has been found to be less susceptible to thermal shock than other materials tested.

If you’re not aware of the potential danger of ceramic plates, it can be dangerous to your device.

Apple’s statement also says that the researchers tested the ceramic materials on four different iPhones.

They found that while the ceramic plate may slow down the movement of the iPhone, it doesn’t slow it down in any way.

It’s actually the opposite: the ceramic material slows down the iPhone in some way.

“We believe that this is because the ceramic is extremely high conductivity and the ceramic may slow the iPhone motion when touching it.

In other words, the ceramic causes the phone to slide back and forth,” the study states.

The researchers also said that if they were to test Apple’s ceramic plates on other types of Apple devices, they’d be able to determine whether they were causing the problem.

The ceramic materials were found to react differently depending on the type of device they were on, with the highest levels of conductivity being found on a smart phone.

This is in contrast to the high levels of heat that can occur when using a wristwatch.

Apple declined to comment on the new study when contacted by Mashable.

In general, we think that if you use ceramic materials in your smartwatch, it will be a lot safer for your iPhone.

That being said, we do recommend that you only use ceramic material on your wristwatch when it is safe and the device is designed with this in mind.””

While the ceramic has been evaluated on multiple phones, the results are consistent with our findings that the material will not slow down a user’s iPhone motion.

That being said, we do recommend that you only use ceramic material on your wristwatch when it is safe and the device is designed with this in mind.”

Apple’s Apple Watch is now available for pre-order for $999.99, though the device will only be available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, and iPhone SE Plus models.

The company has yet to reveal any new details about the Watch, and no word yet on when the device would be available in the US.