Why the Israel flag is back at the top of St. Paul’s street after a year of debate

The Jerusalem Times reported that the Israeli flag has been spotted on St. Mark’s Square for the first time since March of last year.

A few weeks after the flag was taken down, the flag had been seen on the St. Thomas Square in front of the city’s main synagogue and was placed on a plaque.

But now, a petition calling for the flag’s return has been circulating in St.

Pauls social media community, with the number of supporters increasing rapidly.

In a post on the petition, a user called Jannin writes: “We love St. Patrick’s Day, but we cannot celebrate with the Israel Flag.

We want it back.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, the petition calls on the mayor to allow the flag to stay in the Square and for the St Patrick’s Festival to take place on St Mark’s square.

“We need to return the flag,” the petition reads.

“Let’s make it a symbol of peace.”

Jannin added: “Let St. Michael’s Cathedral be the symbol of our friendship.

It is a symbol that brings us together.

It was stolen from us and we want to return it.”

St. Patrick and St. Mary’s Cathedral, where the Israel flags were flown for the last few years, has since moved to the site of the former city hall, in a decision that the petition says “totally contradicts the history of the building.”