How to find the perfect Utah license plate

A plate with a picture of a smiling Utah sheriff will make for a perfect Utah plate.

But it also will cost you about $400,000.

The plate is called the Weight Plate Rack and is available to license plate owners and their families in Utah.

The plate is also the state’s most popular license plate.

It has sold more than 15 million plates, according to Utah Department of Transportation statistics.

It was one of the most popular plates in the state in 2016, with more than 2.6 million plate requests, according the Utah Department in Charge of Licensing.

“Weight plate racks are a great way to honor the past by honoring our Utah history and heritage,” said State Sen. Scott Fong, R-Garden City, who introduced the bill.

“Our plates are a reflection of who we are as a state and who we represent.”

Fong said he believes the plates can be purchased online and mailed out, which will save people money.

Utah is the only state in the country that allows personal license plates that are more than two inches wide and weigh no more than a pound.

The plates are $30.

Utah plates come in three basic designs: a round, a half-circle, or a circle.

The round plate is typically made of metal, while the half-circles have metal plates.

Fong said the plates would not be allowed to have the word “Utah” on them, which he said was an error.

“I was hoping they would just give us a full circle instead of the half circle,” he said.

Fong and other lawmakers say they are looking at several other options.