Arizona license plate searches: Bumper weights of vehicles to be checked

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has announced it is seeking bids to purchase a new fleet of license plate scanners for its statewide database.

The state is one of two in the US, along with California, to install them.

The Arizona Republic reported last month that the state’s scanner cost about $250,000 each.

Since the announcement last month, the price of the scanners has dropped significantly.

The Arizona Department said it has received about $60,000 worth of bids for the new scanners, which will cost about half as much as the old scanners.

The new scanners will be used by the state of Arizona and other states to scan license plates in a bid to combat the spread of the “bumpers” — which are the tiny bits of paper plates which have been placed on a vehicle to track the movements of a driver.

The scanner is a “big improvement” compared with previous scanners, said ADOT Commissioner Steve Siegel.

The price has gone down because the state doesn’t have to buy the same hardware from manufacturers, he said.

If the new scanner is approved, the new technology would be used in the next batch of license plates produced by the Arizona Department.