The NYT: Trump’s latest tweets, in 60 seconds

The Times has updated its “New York Times” website to reflect a new article.

The article in question, written by the paper’s top editor, Michael Schmidt, was originally posted on Monday by Business Insider.

Schmidt had written, “As we’ve written before, Trump has an increasingly complicated relationship with the press.”

In the post, Schmidt explained that the president has recently been “worried about the press, even when he doesn’t realize it,” which has led to “frustration with the media” and “a sense that the media are out to get him.”

He went on to state that Trump has been tweeting at reporters, particularly reporters who cover him, including in the past.

“As we know, Trump does not like journalists who cover his administration,” Schmidt wrote.

“He’s often angry about the coverage of his administration and he doesn`t like reporters who don’t cover his team.

And the president hasn’t always done things that reporters consider appropriate.

The new NYT article, however, shows that the President’s frustration with the journalists covering him is genuine.”

Schmidt continued: “So it’s possible that, as the President has said in the wake of his attacks on the press over the past few weeks, he is frustrated that reporters don’t do his bidding, or that they are reporting stories that he disagrees with.

Or that they report stories that aren’t true.

Or even that they don’t believe what they’re reporting.”

Schultz’s new article, which was written on Tuesday, also details the White House’s recent attempts to make sure that press coverage is accurate, with a goal of making it “more palatable for the public.”

It also mentions how the Trump administration is trying to improve its relationship with “independent media” in the U.S., and how the White “has been seeking to build up the credibility of the news media by investing in journalism training and outreach.”

Schmidt also writes that Trump’s personal tweet criticizing a reporter’s reporting, and his subsequent criticism of journalists who reported on it, “could serve as a signal to reporters that the Trump White House is not interested in being fair to them.”

Schmitt writes that the White now has “a much more explicit, and more public, strategy to promote the accuracy of press coverage” than it did before.

“It’s time for the President to take ownership of the situation,” he wrote.

“He can’t let this media coverage get in the way of his agenda,” Schmidt added.

“This President is not willing to stand up for the truth or the American people, and this is why he will not tolerate the press reporting on his administration.”

The president’s latest tweet came in response to a tweet that the Times had published that had included an image of a map of “Trump-branded hotels” that featured the word “TRUMP” written in black.

Schiff said in his tweet that Trump was not upset by the map.

He wrote that the image, which showed the name of a hotel in Washington, D.C., was “a blatant attempt to deceive and confuse the public, but it’s a clear attempt to mislead the press and the American public.”

Schiff then wrote, “The only way Trump could be more clear about his feelings is to take responsibility for his own tweets and the actions of his team, and to publicly admit his own bias.”

Schuff later wrote that “if you think Trump is going to take the lead in making sure that journalists are fair and transparent and that he respects the American press, I think you are in for a surprise.”

Schiffs next tweet was a reference to an incident where the White has accused reporters of being “unfair” in their reporting.

Schuff wrote that if Trump “were to take on the responsibility of being the first one to say he was sorry for what he did, and apologize to the American media, we could all be in a much better position to handle our own reporters.”

“I think the President would be wise to take up the mantle of being president of the press in a way that doesn’t allow him to be held responsible for his actions, but which also does not allow him the luxury of continuing to get away with the bad press that he has created,” Schmidt continued.

“If Trump really wanted to help the press by saying he was not going to do it, I’m sure he would do it.”

The Times article was written by Amy Chozick, the paper`s news editor.