How to make your home your personal art installation

How to Make Your Home Your Personal Art Installation article Plata o Plomo is a self-made, DIY, self-portrait gallery in a space that looks like a garage.

The gallery hosts a variety of artists, including artists from different backgrounds and with a diverse range of visual and performance styles.

You can see how the gallery works in our video.

The gallery’s art director, Rebecca Dann, says the gallery’s focus on people who are “different, but not necessarily weird, is a really big deal.

It’s a very unique and very human thing.”

Dann said Platao is about people connecting with their work and the way they see it.

“People feel like they’re not alone in this world.

They feel they can share in the work that they create,” she said.

Dann says Plata O Plomo has been “going through a very hard time” in the past year, with the recent death of its artistic director.

She said the loss has had an impact on her family.

“It’s really hard for us to come to terms with how hard it is to keep going and keep working,” she told Recode.

“I think that’s where this has kind of been like the hardest part for us.”

The family’s also been affected by this.

“She has really been a catalyst for me. “

My mother, she really helped me to get through it, she was just really supportive and really, really supportive of me and my art,” she explained.

“She has really been a catalyst for me.

And she has been really, very supportive of us moving forward.”

Dann is one of many people who said they felt like they were “missing out” on a big part of their art collection.

Her father, who is a painter, says he hopes the gallery can bring the art he collects back into the mainstream.

“I hope the Plataos can come back into existence as a real community,” he said.

“They should have a place in our culture and we should be able to get more out of it.”