When does an ‘eleiko plate’ become a ‘slurpee?’

The Philadelphia Eagles have a new slogan.

The Eagles will call their new-look team “The Eleiko Plate.”

That’s right.

Eleiko plate is the acronym for Eagles, Eleiko plate, Eleikos, Elejos.

And the Eagles are going to do it by changing their name to the “Slurpee” instead of the “Eleiko Plate” that is the Eagles’ official logo.

The Eagles have had the “slurpees” trademarked for a while, but the Eagles have changed it to the Eleiko Plates trademark.

I mean, the name change just doesn’t make sense to me.

Is there any way that the Eagles can just go back to their old name, Eleko, instead of Eleiko?

I mean if the team is going to change its name to Slurpees, it’s not a good look to name a team after a substance that sounds like a word for “slushy” and “sludge” and has a nasty association with the word “slime.”

This team, which will be called the Eleko Plates, is the most blatant example of the Eagles going back to the name of an old team.

It’s so ridiculous, I’m not even sure I can handle it.

I’m not the only one who is frustrated with this change.

It’s not even the only time this has happened.

In January, the San Francisco 49ers trademarked the name “Eagles” and it’s been used since.

So why the change?

There have been a lot of different versions of the name.

For a while it was called the “The Eagles,” but that name was used for other teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has said the name will be “removed” as soon as it’s no longer being used for the Eagles.

If the Eagles name is removed, they can just call themselves The Eleiko, as they did for a few years, but I’m sure they will continue to use the name Eleiko because it is the team’s official logo and name.

If the name is still on the market, we’ll keep you updated on what’s going on with the name, and we’ll bring you more information on this as it becomes available.