The new Texas plate that doesn’t cost a cent

A Texas plate is already getting a lot of attention for being more valuable than ever, but the state is considering something a little different for the new plates.

“We don’t have a lot to lose by doing something different,” said state transportation secretary Bill White, the architect of the new plate.

This one is called “Texas” and will have the same license plate number as the Texas plate issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

In a press release announcing the new Texas plates, White said the plates would be more expensive than other plate designs and would be easier to process.

Texas is expected to begin issuing the plates by the end of April, though some local officials are urging drivers to wait until the state’s website goes live.

The department estimates that up to 2 million license plates could be produced for the plate program.

The plates have already attracted some attention, with several cities, including Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, announcing that they would soon be accepting the new licenses.

The plates will be the first in the country to feature the state logo on the side.

White said the plate would be designed to reflect the state and its people.

It will have a blue stripe, a white stripe on the bottom, a red stripe, and a green stripe on top.

If a city accepts the license plates, the state will provide a matching logo.

The state has already agreed to purchase a $50,000 logo from an international company for the design.

The company has already produced a logo for more than 50 million plates, including for the New York City subway system, the New Jersey Statehouse, and the U,S.


The state also is offering a $20,000 scholarship to any driver who wants to design a new license plate.

That scholarship is to be awarded to a person who is “interested in public service or public works” and has the design ready by June 6.

The Texas plate, which will be issued in the fall, will cost $1.29 for the front and $1,199 for the back.

A white stripe is also included on the back, while the front plate will have black text and a silver “T” on the top.

The rear license plate will also feature a white, red, and green stripe.

The department said it will also create a new type of license plate with the same design, but with a silver stripe on each side and the words “TO BE DESIGNED BY LADY LISA LITTLETON.”

The design will be submitted to the state by mid-July.