The first Christmas plates to be given out to people who donate $50 or more will be handed out on Sunday

The first batch of Christmas plates that will be given to people in need will be unveiled on Sunday at the Christchurch City Council Christmas Ballroom, according to the council.

Key points:Council will unveil the plates at the Christmas Ball in Christchurch on SundayThe plates will feature the words “Christmas is a family affair” and “It’s about giving”Community members will be able to take a picture with one of the platesThe plates have been created by the Christborough Council, which will hand them out at Christmas Ball venues around the city.

The plates are made with locally sourced materials including local fruit, vegetables and fish, along with a large selection of Christmas cards.

Christchurch City Councillor Steve Smith said it was great to see the Christmas plate idea spreading.

“People are excited to take part in this initiative,” he said.

“This initiative is a great way to make a positive difference in the lives of people around Christchurch.”

We know the Christmas plates will help people who have fallen through the cracks and help families who are struggling.

“The plates themselves are made in Christborough, so they’re made locally and will be donated to people that need help.”

They will be hand-numbered and hand-printed by the Council and distributed by local staff to people participating in this event.””

Christmas is family affair.

“Council chairwoman Lisa Wilson said the plates were about giving back.”

I hope people will give generously to help the people in Christburg that need it most.””

We’ve got lots of Christmas-related projects that are happening around the Christburg area and I think it’s really important that the Christmas Plate initiative gets a boost.”

“I hope people will give generously to help the people in Christburg that need it most.”

The council will hand out one of each of the 10 Christmas plates at participating venues.

They will feature an image of the Christland family on the front, and the words ‘Christmas is about giving’ on the back.

The plate will be available at the following locations, with more to come later in the year:Christchurch Central Station (1pm-5pm) and Christchurch North Station (7pm-11pm)Community members can also sign up to be a member of the ‘Christmas Card’ program at participating establishments.