Texas license plate ideas from DMC Custom plates

Custom plates have become a common theme in the NFL, but for many of the teams, the idea of a license plate featuring the name of their city or state is a bit more controversial.DMC Custom plate ideas have come to be seen as an attempt to bring back the old and the familiar to the NFL by putting their logo on the plate.

The concept is a little more controversial as some teams don’t want to go that far with the idea, and some fans may be uncomfortable with the concept of the Texans using their state’s license plate.

Texans owner Bob McNair says he has no interest in using the city of Houston’s plate.

The Texans aren’t the only team to make this move.

The New England Patriots have put their state license plate on their helmets and jerseys.

New England has said they would love to see their state plate used, but that they don’t feel it would be appropriate.

There is one other team who is not happy about their state plates being used in the league.

The Washington Redskins have taken to the streets to protest the move.