Why the Germans should take over the UK

A new app, best plate carrier and pay by plate are to be rolled out by the German government this summer, with the aim of making the country more accessible for visitors.

It is being developed by German company Germanic Group, which is aiming to offer visitors the option of paying for their plate via a smartphone app and online through the new German-language service.

The new scheme, which has been in the works for several years, will also see the establishment of new companies and offices in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and France.

“We want to make the German language the dominant language in the UK, where we are the second largest market, but we are also the most spoken language in Europe,” said Germanic founder Martin Kühn in a statement.

“We have an opportunity to provide a more accessible experience for our visitors by taking over the plates from the British.”

The company is working with the British government to introduce the new service, which will offer visitors a new option to pay for their plates via a mobile app, as well as a payment gateway.

There are currently only two options available, a traditional payment gateway or the Pay by Plate service, and the new scheme will be different to each.

Visitors will need to enter the country using the standard British payment method of cash, debit and credit cards, with their details sent via SMS to a customer service number.

The new payment option will only be available for those with a valid mobile number, which means that customers who already have a number will be able to use their new number as a new payment method.

Currently, visitors to the UK are unable to pay in Euros, the standard currency of the UK.

The scheme will allow visitors to pay using euros and GBP for their first visit to Germany, as opposed to Euros, GBP or the British pound, which they will be required to use for their second visit.

After that, visitors will be allowed to pay by a fixed rate for the first six months, which would be capped at 0.25% of their first booking fee.

The next four months will be capped with a 1% fee per month thereafter, and then the rate would gradually rise.

Once visitors have paid by the fixed rate, they will have the option to convert the payment to a fixed fee, which can then be charged for at the rate of their previous payment, which could range from 0.5% up to 10%. 

The scheme will initially be available in London, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow, but is likely to expand to other cities, including Munich, Munich and Hamburg, as it expands the number of countries where it can operate.

The UK is a popular destination for Germans and their families, and Germanic hopes to make it even more accessible, as they aim to increase their visitors numbers to around 60 million by 2020.

More to come.