‘Dirt’ of Trump-Russia collusion investigation leaked to NYT

By Matthew Continetti February 12, 2021 04:01:55The leak of the Trump-Russian collusion investigation to the New York Times last week was the latest example of the Justice Department’s “dirt” of the investigation being released to the public.

As we have detailed previously, the DOJ’s effort to hide this investigation from the public was a blatant violation of the First Amendment, and the media has long called for its disclosure.

The Times story has also exposed the “drama” of Trump’s relationship with former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and it is clear the Times is in the midst of a coordinated effort to cover up this story.

The story details how former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe were working together on the investigation.

Comey’s role was to help the DOJ craft a narrative that exonerated Trump from the charges brought against him by special counsel Robert Mueller.

McCabe’s role, as the Times reports, was to assist the DOJ in crafting a narrative, “based on Mr. Comey and other officials, that Mr. Trump was not personally aware of Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

The Times reported, “As part of its effort to create a narrative of a president who had nothing to do with Russia, the Justice and FBI offices had sought to keep this information secret from Mr. Mueller’s team.”

The story also reveals that, in an attempt to “muddy the waters” about whether the investigation into Flynn was being politicized by the Trump campaign, McCabe was pushing back against the Trump Justice Department.

McCabe wrote in an email to then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, “The idea that Mr Mueller’s probe might politicize the investigation is absurd.

I believe this is a good thing.

The Mueller probe will be as thorough as it can possibly be.”

McCabe and his DOJ counterpart at the time, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, also argued that Comey should not be fired for publicly announcing that the FBI was investigating Flynn.

The story says, “In her response, Ms. Yates warned Mr. McCabe that if the Mueller probe became politicized it would be a ‘disaster’ for the country.

In a later exchange, Ms, Yates added, ‘If Mr. Flynn were ever charged, you would do everything you could to protect him and he would do the same.'”

This story comes as a new batch of indictments have been unsealed against former Trump campaign officials.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russia, and he has continued to insist that it was the Democrats who brokered the election.

In the Times article, we describe the Trump administration’s “shifting narrative” on Russia and Trump’s “brazen” interference in this election.

The narrative includes, among other things, that Russia was behind a string of cyberattacks on Democratic organizations, including the DNC and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

The president has repeatedly dismissed the findings as “fake news” and claimed that he would have won the election if he had not lost to Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s campaign and his associates have been charged with various crimes, including conspiracy to commit fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering.

The most serious charges have been brought against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page.

The latter two have been indicted for allegedly failing to disclose that they had foreign contacts with the Russian government.

As previously reported, Mueller is investigating the Trump team’s ties to Russian agents and Russian government officials.

The Mueller investigation has become a focal point of the anti-Trump movement, and members of the administration and the Trump transition team have been publicly condemned for their involvement in the Russia investigation.

The Justice Department has been publicly condemning Trump and his supporters for their efforts to distract the public from the investigation and the indictments.

As President Trump said last week, “You cannot have a free and independent press and not be guilty of a crime.

That’s why I’m not allowed to run.

It’s why you can’t have a Free and Fair Election and a free press.

The American people can have a great democracy if they can see the truth.”

The Justice Department and the Department of Justice have previously said that they would not cooperate with the special counsel investigation.

But the Trump White House has already been criticized for trying to cover this up and has not fully addressed the situation.

The media has repeatedly called for the DOJ to disclose the Russia collusion investigation, and has demanded the public release of documents related to the investigation as well.

We believe that the public deserves to see the full story of what has happened to this investigation, including its political motivations and the role of former Trump advisers and campaign officials in this scandal.

The president’s claim that the investigation has “colluded” with the Democrats was also challenged last week when former FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that he had opened a new inquiry into the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller announced his probe in the House Judiciary Committee hearing last week.

In the hearing, Rep. Devin Nunes