How to Make a 3D Printed Earth Plate from a Sheet of Aluminum

The Chinese are working on an Earth plate that can be made from a sheet of aluminum.

It uses the same technology used to make plastic bottles and is designed to be a 3-D printed version of the Earth itself.

The new design, which has been designed by engineers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the University of Michigan, is called the “Earth Plate.”

The researchers claim the technology could one day allow for more flexible 3-dimensional materials that could be used to build buildings, cars, buildings, ships and more.

It is the first 3D printed Earth plate, which means that the team of engineers has been able to make a 3d printed version that is strong enough to withstand heavy loads.

It is also more durable than the metal plates used in 3D printing, so it can withstand the forces of gravity as well as the forces created by earthquakes.

The new design uses a metal-filled hollow core, a layer of aluminum that is hollow, and a layer that is made of glass.

The researchers have also used glass to create a hollow plate.

The researchers said that this type of technology could make 3-d printed plates more stable in harsh environments like the extreme heat of space and in harsh conditions like those in the Earth’s mantle.

The scientists have shown that their technology could also be used in areas where there are no roads, like in developing countries.