Plattos closet is in ‘stasis’ as students protest

Plattons closet is locked in a stasis as students fight to get the room opened and the door unlocked.

Students have blocked off the door to the school, forcing teachers to go to the emergency room to get it unlocked.

In a letter to parents, the family said their family has been told to “let us know when the school is open,” and that the school’s social worker has “been contacted by students about this matter.”

They added, “This is not the first time that students have been treated poorly for being in the closet.

We are concerned that the current situation is the result of a lack of respect for the privacy of students.”

The letter also said the school has “not been proactive in identifying, addressing, or investigating this situation,” and “has not been responsive to students or their families regarding any of the issues raised.”

The family said it has been waiting “many months” for the school to open and that they “will continue to be patient.”

Plattos parents said they have not received a response from the school.

The school’s Facebook page does not allow posts from parents, but its parent page has more than 4,000 followers.

The family also wrote to the local news media to voice their concerns about the school and its policies.

Plattons parents wrote, “We want the school back open as soon as possible.

We do not want any other students being treated differently because of their sexual orientation.”