How to change your light switch plates from Walmart

Walmart’s light switch plate, which is usually sold as a $2.50 to $4.00 item, can be purchased online for about $2 at

That is, the price tag is roughly the same as it would be if the plates were sold for $2 and $4, according to Walmart.

But there is a catch.

The $2 Walmart plate is actually more expensive than the $4 Walmart plate.

The plate costs $2 to $3 and the $3 Walmart plate costs about $4 to $5.

The difference in cost for the $2 plate comes because Walmart has to make adjustments to the packaging for the new plates, including changing the size of the packaging to better accommodate the plates., a website for Walmart, does not provide a link to the online store that sells the plates, but the cost of the plates is about $1 to $2 more than the original price, according a Walmart spokesperson.

For a more detailed look at the pricing,, a site for Walmart customers, provides the cost to install the new Walmart light switch.

The cost is about 2.50 per plate.

For the $6 Walmart plate, Walmart provides the following information:The plates can be installed at Walmart’s store locations, but they require that the customer bring in the correct Walmart ID card and photo ID when signing up for the service.

The ID card will need to be a government issued photo ID, which can be obtained from

The photo ID is usually a utility bill, utility bill card, utility receipt or utility identification card.

Walmart is offering the $1.50 and $2 plates online.