A Google employee found out about Ohio’s license plate law

Google has admitted to having no idea about Ohio law that requires license plates to be at least 16 pixels wide.

In a blog post, a Google employee explained that the company “is aware of Ohio’s new license plate statute and is aware of some of the challenges it will pose to our businesses, including our ability to display images of license plates on vehicles.”

Google has yet to respond to Ars’ request for comment.

However, Ohio Gov.

John Kasich has signed a law that will effectively block companies from displaying license plates that do not match the state’s requirements.

The new law applies to vehicles sold in Ohio and vehicles registered in other states.

It has been widely known that Google had no knowledge of Ohio law, even though the company is not listed as an Ohio license plate manufacturer, according to Ohio Department of Licensing and Regulation (OLLCR).

The state has an office of licensing, but its chief licensing official has not been confirmed for more than three years.

In July, the Ohio legislature passed a bill requiring license plates in the state to match the requirements of the state, but it was vetoed by Kasich.