Walmart and Lego base plate ideas link to Walmart and its latest toy, Walmart base plates

A toy company is getting in on the Lego-themed theme with a range of Lego base plates for the Walmart franchise stores in North Carolina.

The Lego company Walmart is launching a range at its North Carolina stores that features the popular Lego theme park theme and a variety of Lego products, such as Lego blocks and Lego minifigures.

The base plates are designed for children ages 4 to 12, and can be purchased online for $10.

The plates also come in white and black and can also be personalized with names and faces.

The toy is part of Walmart’s theme park initiative, which began in January, and the company has a number of Lego themes and accessories for children in the store.

Walmart’s other Lego theme parks include Disneyland and Hollywood Studios.

The company’s North Carolina theme park is opening later this month.

Walmart has also recently launched a partnership with the Lego Foundation to promote its theme parks.