Nebraskans to receive bronze medals in medal ceremony

Omaha’s first gold medal ceremony will celebrate Nebraska’s 100th anniversary, with the plated medals awarded to state residents and their families.

The ceremony, which will take place Sunday at the Nebraska State Capitol, is the first of its kind in the state, and will be held to celebrate the state’s 100 years of being a state.

It will include an official presentation of medals and a celebration of Nebraska’s rich and varied history.

Nebraska Gov.

Pete Ricketts, who is also chairman of the state GOP, will host the ceremony at the Capitol and will also give a speech on behalf of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

The medals will be awarded to Nebras first statewide elected official, state Sen. Jim Clements, R-Nebraska City.

They will also be awarded in a statewide ceremony at Lincoln University.

The medal ceremony is expected to attract as many as 3,000 people.

The Nebraska State Democratic Party, which represents more than 3,500 Nebraska state workers, is expecting about 2,000.

The awards, which are being presented to residents, state officials and civic leaders, are expected to be presented to people in the Nebrasks city of Nebraska City, Lincoln University and Lincoln and Lincoln County.