5 things to know about Arkansas license plate badges

Arkansas has been using a series of bumper plates designed to identify drivers, but the new ones may be more effective at identifying criminals.

The first plate is a bumper sticker with a quote from the Bible and the second, which reads, “I will make a good citizen.”

The bumper plates are available for $50 and can be purchased online.

The bumper plates have been designed with the hope of improving safety, and they can be easily altered to suit a variety of personal preferences.

Arkansas Department of Transportation Director Jason M. Linn said the bumper plates were created to be more versatile than traditional bumper stickers.

He said they can identify individuals by distinguishing between their license plate number, as well as their height and weight.

The bumper stickers are designed to be used as a temporary ID tag for drivers and can then be removed and used for a variety in other areas.

Linn said he was inspired by the bumper stickers that were used in a movie called “The Fugitive” and wanted to create a similar vehicle that is more practical.

Lenn said the plates are designed so that they can attach to a car’s trunk, which allows the driver to easily take the plates off the car and store them in a safe place.

He also said the tags can be customized to a variety and make the plate more useful to a particular driver.

Lincoln said the department has received numerous requests for the bumper sticker, which are currently being reviewed.

Lenn said he will announce the final design soon.