How to get your license plate number from Delaware

The state’s driver license plate system has been hacked, allowing hackers to change the plate numbers of all of the state’s 1.8 million registered drivers.

That’s according to a report from cybersecurity company SecureWorks.

The company found that some 3.2 million of Delaware’s 3.3 million registered vehicles have been hijacked.

“The majority of this hacking occurred after September 13th, 2018, when the initial attack occurred,” SecureWorks said in a blog post.

In September 2018, the state launched a campaign to get a system to identify license plate numbers, which was supposed to help reduce fraud.

Instead, the new system was hacked, and it’s now vulnerable to attack by hackers.

SecureWorks found that hackers used a different set of methods to alter the plates of some of the 3.1 million registered cars, but they all shared a common feature: the state issued them with a new plate number.

This was just the latest example of the cybersecurity firm finding that the state doesn’t fully take security seriously.

It’s also the first time that the company has found that the hackers were able to use a different form of attack to change plates.

SecureWorks also said that some hackers had managed to obtain additional data about registered drivers, such as the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, from the state and then sent those to another hacker who modified the plates.

There’s still no indication that the stolen information was used to hack into the state driver license system.

The state’s cybersecurity chief, Kevin McDaniel, told Engadgits the data could have been used to get more sensitive information, such the Social Security number of a voter, or even a driver’s license number.

He also said the hack may have been aimed at gaining access to other state data.

McDaniel told Engaget that he was disappointed by the hack.

He said the state had begun a program called Secure Enterprise to help track down and prevent attacks like this one.

We have been working to protect Delaware’s driver licensing systems, which include all drivers registered in Delaware, McDaniel said.

We’ve also worked to enhance security measures in response to these breaches.

But SecureWorks warned that it’s not clear that Delaware is currently immune from the same type of attack.