Georgia license plate stand to be replaced with ‘outlet plates’

A Georgia license plates stand has been removed from a Georgia highway, leaving a hole in the pavement and causing traffic headaches for motorists.

The state Department of Transportation said the replacement plate stands were being installed on the Beltline Highway in the city of Florence, just north of Atlanta, about 45 miles west of Atlanta.

The department said a contractor for the project decided to remove the plates from the roadside in the late afternoon because of the increased number of collisions that have taken place.

The contractor said it planned to remove them from the highway when it completes its work, and the state Department said it will replace the plates.

“We’re not quite sure how long we’re going to be doing this,” Georgia DOT spokesperson Matt Bowers said Thursday.

“But I’m not sure we’re ever going to stop.”

Bowers, who added that the company had asked to keep the work to a minimum, said the state had a lot of work to do to maintain the roads.

“This is going to cost millions of dollars,” he said.

The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles said it is still evaluating the impact of the replacement plates on traffic.

Bowers added that there had been about 100 crashes involving vehicles that were left standing.

A similar issue arose in May after the state replaced two plate stands on Interstate 35 in Athens.

That project, which was funded by the Georgia Department in the summer of 2014, cost $1.5 million, Bowers noted.

He said he didn’t know how many accidents occurred.

“There are some really bad drivers on the interstate,” Bowers told the Associated Press.

The plates are required for vehicles in Georgia.

The city of Savannah in December decided to replace the plate stand with a new one that cost $800,000.

The cost for a new plate stand, he said, could easily exceed $1 million.