New Yorkers are not having it: ‘The people of NYC are not a bunch of idiots’

A New York city councilman has launched an investigation into the validity of New Yorkers’ Smart Plate technology after he said some customers were being charged hundreds of dollars more than expected for the new technology.

“I would suggest that there’s a lot of people out there that are being misled, and that the people of New York are not being fools,” Councilman Joe Borelli told The New York Times on Monday.

“So I’m calling on the government to come forward and explain to the people that are paying for this that the smart plates are not going to save you money,” he added.

Smart plates have been designed to connect your mobile phone to a computer to provide a network connection and prevent a person from having to carry around a separate phone and other devices.

They were first introduced in 2013, but the technology has been largely criticized by critics who say it can add unnecessary costs to daily life.

A recent report from the New York City Department of Financial Services found that the cost of Smart Plates was about $1.1 billion in New York, compared to $3.3 billion for traditional mobile phones.