How to make your own Kentucky license plate set

The Kentucky state government has made it easier for drivers to buy custom license plates.

The government has been running a campaign for license plates designed to match the theme of a local business, the National Park Service, and the Kentucky state flag.

It is now up to each driver to design their own plate set and it is currently on sale.

There are currently two types of license plates available to purchase, standard and specialty.

Standard plates are standard with a star and three stars.

The star is used to indicate the Kentucky flag and the three stars are used to signify the state of Kentucky.

The specialty plates are also standard with an eagle, lion, and star, as well as the Kentucky seal.

The license plate designs are created using the state’s “National Park Service Design and Construction” manual.

It is the first time a design manual has been published in Kentucky.

It comes in five different designs, including two that are currently being sold.

The first, the “Kentucky State Flag” plate, is available for £1,500.

The design is a combination of the National Flag and the state seal.

The logo of the Kentucky State Department of Tourism is also visible on the plate.

The second, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture license plate design is £1:2,000.

The image of the state flag, state seal and a “T” are visible on both sides of the plate, as are the words “Treat Others to Beer” and the word “Kentuckians”.

There is also a “Kentucks” plate design, with a state seal on both the front and back of the plates.

The plates are designed by local artist James Smith, and include the words ‘Kentucky’.

There are two styles of license plate that can be purchased for £150.

These are the Kentucky-style license plates and the “Dine, Drive, Ride” plate.

They have a “D” and “R” to indicate Kentucky, and “KY” and a letter “C” to signify Kentucky, respectively.

The Kentucky-Style license plates come in black or white and are available for sale for £200.

The designs include a state flag and state seal, with the letters “KY”, “K” and three dots on the top and bottom of the shield.

The “D-R-E” license plate comes in black and white, and comes with a letter or two of the word Kentucky on either side of the “R”.

It also comes with an additional word, and is designed by the National Parks Service Design Team.

The ‘D’ license plate is available in both white and black.

It has a state emblem on either the front or back of both plates.

There is a third style of licenseplate that is currently being developed and is currently priced at £200, although this will be added to the list as it becomes available.

The plate features a “M” and is white with a red heart.

The letters “M”, “U” and five stars are printed on the front of the license plate.

This design has a red-and-white logo on the side of each plate, and includes a message in black on the bottom of each license plate with the words: “Kentuckedia”.

The license plates have been designed by James Smith for the Kentucky Tourism Department, and feature the words in blue, green and yellow.

James Smith said:I was very impressed with the designs and thought that they were very well done.

The design team is also working on a new design, which will be available later this year.