What you need to know about the license plate that’s driving us mad

A New York woman is now taking a stand against what she sees as the misuse of her license plate.

Sri Lankan artist and artist-activist Rama Rao was inspired to take a stand after receiving an email from a man named Sajjad Khan, who asked her to change her license plates.

Rao had previously painted the plates on her car, but said Khan had asked her if she wanted to paint another.

Raman Rao (Courtesy: Rama Ramesh Rao)”He asked me if I wanted to change it and said I would have to do it at a certain point in time,” she said.

R Rao, who has painted a total of 11 license plates over the past four years, said she was hesitant to take on Khan, but decided to give him a try anyway.

“I had already painted my car a few times.

I just wanted to see how he would react,” Rao said.

She said she didn’t know what Khan would think of her, but that Khan did ask her what her favorite food was.

“The first thing I said was the chicken, and he said that I must not eat it,” she recalled.

“It was really good, it was very healthy,” Rao added.

“So, I thought to myself, this is really good.

So I decided to do that.”

Rao said she had also painted her home in New York, and then her car in Paris, and even painted her dog, but never her license.

“There are so many things that are wrong with the way we look at this,” she told ABC News.

“This is a man who has a big heart.

This is a person who cares about people.”

Rama Rao (Photo: Raman Rameshi Rao)Raman Ralesh Rao, the artist-in-residence at Rutgers University, said that while the plates are meant to be personalized, they often fall victim to abuse.

“We need to be very careful about this,” he said.

“When I started painting, I was not really thinking about this as an art project.

I was thinking about the rights of people.”

But I’m a human being too.

I am a human, I am someone who needs protection,” he added.

Ramash Rao (Right) poses with a photo of his mother, Rama, and his dog, Kajal, (Photo courtesy: Ramash Rameshig Rao)The artist-turned-activism, who is an award-winning photographer and photographer-activists, said he has received more than 50 complaints about his plate, and that he has already received dozens of comments about it on social media.”

They are all saying that it is a very good and creative idea, that I am doing a good job, that they respect me.

But most of the comments that I have received have been negative,” he told ABCNews.com.

Rama Raleshig Rao, a Rutgers University graduate student and photographer, says he was inspired by his mother and sister, who are both in the military, to take up the issue.

Rameshig said he hopes that his work will “help others in the same situation as me, who just don’t have the luxury to paint their own plates.”

Ramashig Rao (Top: Rameshek Rao)Kajal is a member of the military.”

He has a lot of responsibility, but he is also a loving man, he has always loved people and he has been doing that,” Rameshit Rao said of her son.”

His mom and my sister are so supportive of him.

It is just the right thing to do.

He is a good guy.

“Ramshi Rao said that his family and friends have asked him to paint more plates, but so far he hasn’t received any responses.”

People are saying, why don’t you just paint more, but we just don�t have the money,” he explained.

Ramshek, who grew up in India, has also painted plates for a living, but now wants to make it a hobby.”

To me, this hobby is very important.

I have been painting plates for many years.

I would love to paint one more plate,” he admitted.”

If I could paint just one more license plate, I would,” he continued.”

My mom and I would like to paint a plate, but it would be something different from what we do now,” Ramsheksaid.

Romsheks mother, Raja Ramesha Rao, said her daughter and her sister were encouraged to paint plates for the first time after their father died, but she also has some reservations.”

Sajjad, I think, was a great person.

I admire him and admire his passion,” Raja Rao said, adding that she hopes her son will not have to paint the plates again.