How to spot the license plates of Indian cars on Europe’s highways

Europe’s carmakers are scrambling to get their own plates and license plates across the continent.

Here are some tips for spotting them.

1 / 8 India’s carmaker, Tata, has been selling its license plates in a range of shapes and sizes.

The plates have a Euro symbol on the front, an Indian star on the back and an image of a red dot.

But it’s not the only Indian brand to sell license plates.

Some of the larger companies, such as Tata, have their own logos, which are also used across the world.

The Indian company also has the European version of the logo for its cars.

3 / 8India’s license plates are made up of five colours: white, black, red, green.

India has more than 200 national plates, with more than 500 nationalities using the plates.

The European carmakers have been busy in India, too.

Some carmakers in Europe are also selling their own license plates, including Jaguar Land Rover, which sells the licence plates for the brand’s brand of Land Rover.

4 / 8A car is sold at the New Delhi Auto Show in New Delhi, India, in this January 17, 2021, file photo.

India’s license plate industry is growing, but is not growing at the same pace as its domestic industry.

The country has seen an explosion in the number of cars and other vehicles registered, which is increasing the demand for licenses and plates.

In 2017, India’s gross domestic product grew by 5.4% to $10.47 trillion.

The auto industry in India grew by 18.6% to 6.3% in the same year.

But this growth was not matched by an increase in the demand of vehicles and plates, which the Indian government wants to see.

The government has said it will impose tariffs on imported cars to boost the country’s export revenues.

The Indian government has announced a total of 10,000 new licences in the last two years, according to the ministry of road transport and highways.

The government has also been promoting its drive to encourage manufacturers to make India the European destination for cars.

The National Vehicle License Authority, the regulatory body in charge of issuing and registering car plates, has also set a target of increasing sales to 5 million cars by 2022.