‘I think it’s very dangerous’: Oklahoma license plate enforcement agency says it’s ok to take photos of license plate

Posted by News4 Oklahoma on Wednesday, March 30, 2019 11:01:26Oklahoma license plates can be taken down by law enforcement in the state, but it’s a felony and a misdemeanor to break or take pictures of them.

Now the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles is issuing more than 3,000 new license plates with a new message for license plate stand holders, as well as people taking pictures of license plates.

The license plates are for the city of Norman and the county of Guthrie.

The new plates will allow people to keep their license plates, but if someone is caught with a photo, the license plate may be confiscated and their license plate will be returned to the person who took it.

If a photo is taken on an Oklahoma state license plate with a non-license plate, the person can be charged with a felony offense and fined $500.

The department said it was aware of a case where a person was arrested for taking a photo of a license plate in Norman.

If you see a license that you think may have been stolen, you can report it to the Oklahoma Police Department’s License Plate Investigation Unit.